Norway-based cruise line, Hurtigruten, is celebrating 125 years of history this week by making a major commitment to becoming the world’s first cruise line to ditch all single use plastic items.

The cruise line’s Chief Executive Daniel Skjeldam confirmed the news today, saying birthday celebrations will include a party extending over 11,000 nautical miles (from Seattle to the Norwegian coast) AND will exclude all single use plastic items.

As the first cruise line in the world, Hurtigruten has banned all unnecessary single-use plastics across their global fleet of expedition ships – from the Arctic to Antarctica.

When the cruise line says everything, it means everything.


Straws to drinking cups and plastic bags will be replaced by paper, biodegradable material and other sustainable alternatives.

“Being world leader in exploration travel comes with a great responsibility for preserving the natural wonders on our itineraries.”

Daniel Skjeldam, Hurtigruten Chief Executive

“Plastic pollution is the single biggest threat to our oceans,” he added. “What better way to tie together our past and future than celebrating our anniversary by removing all unnecessary single use plastic.”


Hurtigruten’s commitment to the earth doesn’t stop there – the cruise line has also lead the way for green adventure travel by introducing the world’s first battery hybrid powered expedition ships.

“We are committed to remain being the global leader in green adventure travel,” Skjeldam added. “Whether we are developing the Hurtigruten product, designing new ships or discussing new itineraries and destinations, sustainability is the core of every detail of the Hurtigruten operation.”

Hurtigruten is also advocating a ban on Heavy fuel oil and stricter regulations in pristine destinations; partakes in several research projects, and funds local and global projects through Hurtigruten Foundation.

Check out a video of the cruise line’s 125 years of history below:


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