HOORAY US-YAY: Book a cruise to the States and take home $100!

Creative Cruising is rewarding agents for booking USA cruises in March with cold, hard, eGift Cards!

Creative Cruising is rewarding agents for booking USA cruises in March with cold, hard, eGift Cards!

Agents: Book your clients a USA cruise through the Creative Cruising platform between now and the 31st of March and you’ll score a $100 eGift Card for every Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises booking you make—yep, you’re being rewarded!

This amazing incentive isn’t capped either, which means the more you book, the more you earn! Make two bookings, earn two $100 eGift Cards. Three bookings? That’s $300 in eGift cards for you. Just note that all bookings must be booked and deposited in March.

And why should you book a USA cruise for your fantastic clients? That’s an easy one to answer…

Here are five reasons, just for starters, on why cruising around the USA deserves the praise…


1. One cruise, buckets of destinations


With Royal Caribbean having a gob-smacking 33 ports scattered all over the USA, it’s possible to tick off a whole bunch of bucket list destinations on a single cruise.

For example, how about Royal Caribbean’s  cruise from Sydney via New Zealand and Bora Bora to Hawaii? Yep, it’s possible to visit these stunning destinations, as extraordinarily different as they are, on the one awesome cruise. Score!


2. Unpack once


Unlike regular travel, sailing on a cruise ship means you only have to unpack once, as you’ll be settled in your beautiful stateroom cabin for the duration of your amazing cruise and won’t have to change hotels or board flights.

Instead, you’ll spend your precious time sipping on a cocktail on the deck or eating delicious food in the on-board restaurants.


3. The world is your oyster


How about exploring the Big Apple and climbing to the top of the Empire State Building? Or swap that iconic experience with a multitude of others, all waiting for you at one of USA’s cruise ports.

Just think, you could go out exploring as soon as you’ve docked into a new port, such as glamorous Hollywood in sunny Los Angeles, and then return to your ship for a movie with the family under the stars, all whilst cruising to your next destination, such as the Bahamas!


4. Everyone is invited to cruise the USA


Speaking of watching movies, cruising around the USA is perfect for all types of travellers: from mum and dad, to nanna and pa, to the whole family. There’s something for everyone indeed—even couples, who can book Aqua or Concierge class on one of Celebrity’s ships, such as Celebrity Millennium and feel like A-list movie stars.

Celebrity Millennium sails the stunning Icy Strait Point in Alaska, which is famous for spotting humpback whales, orcas, seals, eagles, and even brown bears!


5. Perfect for school holidays


But spotting animals isn’t just for couples, obviously. Your kids will absolutely love getting the chance to cruise around Alaska to see these wild creatures in nature too, which brings us to our final reason.

Unlike the Australian cruising season which is often packed out and uber-pricey during the school holidays, sailing the USA offers much lower rates, a greater selection of ships, and generally more space on-board. Plus, by sailing in America’s summer, you get to skip winter on our shores!


So what are you waiting for?


Book the USA on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises with Creative Cruising today on their new booking platform or book with one of their reservation specialist team members and grab yourself a $100 eGift Card per booking!

Creative Cruising’s new booking platform is an absolute breeze to use, featuring live availability, pricing and booking ability.

Not only will this save you time, but Creative Cruising’s wholesale airfares will save your clients’ money too. Visit creativecruising.com.au today.


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Where in the USA would you like to cruise off to?


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