Lindblad and National Geographic share a partnership that goes beyond business, into education, conservation and storytelling through expedition travel. Now this collaboration will be deepened to include all of the Americas.

Lindblad and National Geographic first partnered up in 2004 for the purpose of co-selling, co-marketing and branding in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Now Canada and Latin America will be included in this longtime partnership in a move that is expected to “further accelerate growth in these important geographies.”


Image: Lindblad

The United States has long been the top market for Lindblad, and with the rising demand for authentic and immersive travel they expect this growth to conitue for years to come.

The expanded collaboration will be mutually beneficial.

Lindblad will leverage on the strong brand position National Geographic holds in Canada and key Latin American markets, while National Geographic will build on Lindblad’s long-established leadership position in the United States expedition travel market.


Image: Lindblad

CEO of National Geographic Partners Gary E. Knell said National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions have over the past 14 years, found an extraordinary level of common cause.

“This manifests itself in knowing the importance of people exploring the world, building understanding and becoming more knowledgeable and energised citizens.”

CEO of National Geographic Partners Gary E. Knell

Lindblad’s Board of Directors recently approved the build of a new blue water vessel to explore the world’s most unique and remote locations.

This state of the art vessel, expected to be delivered in 2021, will be the next step in the company’s fleet expansion following the launch of the National Geographic Quest in July 2017.

National Geographic Venture will enter the fleet in December 2018 and  National Geographic Endurance in the first quarter of 2020.

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