Peregrine Adventures has just unveiled its new collection of expeditions to Antarctica on board the Ocean Endeavour that promise to “benefit both travellers and the environment”.

Peregrine has a strong focus on sustainability, serving only sustainably-sourced seafood, avoiding single-use plastics and using biodegradable and phosphate-free cleaning products onboard.

While they already carbon offset all land trips, Adventure Cruises and Polar expeditions, these new voyages will see Peregrine double the carbon offsets on behalf of all customers.

“We want the journey to Antarctica to be life changing, not earth changing,” Regional Director of Asia Pacific for Peregrine Adventure Brett Mitchell said.

“Antarctica reminds its visitors of just how small our planet is and how interconnected we are. Our travellers leave inspired to do more to protect the environment and we want to play our part by doubling our carbon offsets on each voyage.”

Regional Director of Asia Pacific for Peregrine Adventure Brett Mitchell

The Ocean Endeavour carries 199 travellers and has a range of accommodation options, including single cabins. There is a ratio of one crew member to eight travellers, reflecting the Peregrine small group style of travel.


Travellers will have the chance to explore the White Continent on a range of optional activities with specialised guides such as sea kayaking, snowshoeing, photography tours and even ice-camping.

The trips are also designed to inspire travellers to find a sense of peace and for this reason Peregrine will offer yoga on the ship, where travellers can completely switch off in this pristine destination.

Mitchell said yoga in Antarctica will turn bikram yoga on its head by offering the popular wellness movement as the ship sails through below zero temperatures.


Starting October 2020, the Peregrine charters will make the polar experience more accessible than ever with a lead in price of $7090.

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