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The ultra impressive Viking Sun by Viking Cruises debuted in Sydney on Saturday with 930 passengers arriving as part of the ships’ 141-day voyage from Miami to London.

This was the Viking Sun’s first EVER visit down under and we managed to sneak ourselves on board to check out the ship that everyone in the industry it seems, has been buzzing about for a very long time.

And our first impressions were… WOAH!

This Norwegian masterpiece offers travellers a cruise experience like no other.

The attention to detail you notice as soon as you step onboard and walk into the huge atrium is an instant sign that this is going to be a unique ship indeed.

The family stories scattered throughout the ship allow you to connect instantly; from the bar that is built like a Viking longship with the Norwegian flavoured artwork, you are taken on a journey of culture, history and pure opulence.

This is how to travel the high seas.

Here’s our quick guide to the top 10 things to see and experience on the Viking Sun.


1. The snow grotto (The ultimate cool room)


The Spa


The Snow Grotto

Once you step out of the wooden sauna, you can jump straight into the ice cold ‘Snow grotto’, where real snowflakes even fall to give you the full Norwegian experience. Like, what the?! This is actually on a ship? Crazy.

Oh, and did we mention the actual fire in the spa too? NUTS.


2. The leather balustrades


Main Atrium

Mmm… Smell and feel the opulence. That’s right, the attention to detail here is simply exquisite. You’ll really want to touch these rails.

There are also Reindeer furs draped over the chairs in the Explorers Lounge. That’s not something you see every day on a cruise ship.


The Explorers Lounge


3. Cabins that you won’t want to leave


The Deluxe Veranda cabin


The Explorer Suite bathroom.

With cabins like this onboard the Viking Sun, you may not want to get out of bed or leave for that matter.

They are all immaculately appointed and as this is an ALL Vernanda ship, there’s no need to worry about your clients getting the cabin they want.


4. Dining windows that actually open


Aquavit dining

The ship features floor to ceiling windows that actually open right up when you are dining so you can experience the fresh open air out at sea.

Talk about dining Alfresco. This is next level.


5. It’s soooooo spacious


The living room

Are there really 930 guests on this ship? It honestly doesn’t feel like it because there are so many spaces to chill out and enjoy. From lounges to bars, tucked away libraries and decks. Viking has used up all of the space efficiently to create yet more space.


6. You really do get it all


Mamsens Dining

Everything is included so there’s no need to get that wallet out to pay for coffees or meals on your cruise.


7. Free WiFi


Another Insta moment

Yes, you read correctly.

There’s Free WiFi on this ship and it’s unlimited. Which means you can post to your heart’s content and truly make your friends jealous.

It’s just one Insta moment after another.


8. Stunning art (Basically the ship is one big gallery)


The Restaurant Bar

This ship is dripping in detail and Nordic artwork. From carved lift doors to Viking themed pieces, every corner tells a story. The Atrium digital wall also changes regularly and showcases famous Norwegian artists.


9. The Bucket showers


Remember the Ice challenge?

In the ridiculously stylish spa, you can experience a traditional bucket shower, where you literally pull a handle and you guessed it, an ice cold bucket of water is tipped on your head. Ahh! Relaxation 101.


10. The crew


Amazing on all levels. They attend to your every need and are extremely experienced with strong attention to detail.

The great news is that 6 more ocean cruise vessels are under construction so Australian & New Zealand Travel Agents will get access to more availability very soon.

Actually, there is one coming out again in June 2018 so now’s the time to inspire travellers to experience this 100% verandah ship.

Want to know more? Head over to Viking Cruises and check out their 2018-2019 brochure.

Which part of this ship would you like to check out most?