The first Norwegian Cruise Line’s ship to sail around Australia’s shores is expected to leave Melbourne today, four days after experiencing a technical malfunction.

Late last week, Norwegian Star and its 2,300 passengers were cruising some 20 miles offshore from Victoria’s capital when the azipod propulsion system went down.

Despite having full power, the technical fault forced the cruise line to organise a ship to shore tow in order to complete all the necessary repairs.

Now, the cruise line says the propulsion system is almost completely restored and the vessel will likely depart Melbourne this afternoon.

“This ship is expected to depart during the afternoon on February 14, arriving to Auckland.”

Norwegian Cruise Line statement

Norwegian Star will sail on a revised itinerary, which will see cruisers head straight from Melbourne to Auckland, New Zealand where it will resume operating as originally scheduled.

According to the cruise line, guests have been comfortably enjoying the ship’s facilities as well as spending additional time exploring Melbourne’s offerings.

Only a small number of cruisers chose to disembark the vessel and the cruise line has arranged transportation to the airport for these guests.

“All guests are comfortable and enjoying the ship’s amenities or time ashore in Melbourne.”

Norwegian Cruise Line statement

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