Tourism Australia It's Our Best Shot Campaign
Tourism Australia It's Our Best Shot Campaign

One product travel agents don’t really know about, but should...

Travel agents – they are walking travel encyclopedias. They know everything there is to know about the industry, well almost everything...

Travel agents – they are walking travel encyclopedias. They know everything there is to know about the industry, well almost everything…

According to Cheryl Brown, if you ask consultants here in Australia about her product, they’re unlikely to know all that much.

And while this may cause anxiety for most company leaders, Cheryl says it’s actually quite exciting because she finally gets to teach the masters.

Speaking to KarryOn earlier this month, Cheryl, the Managing Director of Le Boat, said while agents may know the name of the company, they’re yet to learn the ins, outs and incredible inbetweens.

“If you were to ask a travel agent in Germany they know it because they’re grown up with it, but here is Aus we have the opportunity to make them aware.”

Cheryl Brown, Le Boat Managing Director

Having only established a base in Australia five years ago, Cheryl said with little push the Australian business has grown to be the company’s sixth largest market.

Currently, the self-drive boat company makes over 12 million euros a year. Australia makes up around two million of that.

While Cheryl says this figure is still quite small, she does acknowledge that it has grown considerably in less than a decade, emphasising a demand for this type of travel.


So what is Le Boat?

Le Boat

It’s dubbed a self-drive boat company, where guests can hire a boat and drive it up and down small European waterways.

It’s sort of like a self-drive holiday, but on the water.

Similar to its river cruise cousin, Le Boat lets travellers visit small and unique destinations that aren’t accessible via larger vessels.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the entire concept is that your clients don’t need a license to drive a Le Boat boat.

The company teaches holidaymakers everything they need to know in their first few hours onboard, travel with them on the first leg and then they’re on their own.

If they need assistance along the way, Le Boat has bases only a few hours apart along each waterway to help any traveller that may have difficultly.


Who is it for?

Le Boat travellers

Cheryl says the clientele varies, but mostly 45+ couples, families and groups.

She said Le Boat receives a lot of three generational families.

When it comes to Australian passengers, the company finds we like to spend it up, often hiring the five anchor boats and the best ones in the fleet.


Where are Aussies cruising to with Le Boat?

Le Boat travel 3

Cheryl says 95 percent of Australian travellers are booking the company’s itineraries in France.


Why your clients will love it?

People are always looking for something new and what’s newer than taking a self-drive holiday that lets you sleep on a boat?

As well as that, Cheryl said it’s also a great team building experience for travellers and lets people drive their own holidays while knowing there’s a team ready to support them.


How can you get more information?

Le Boat 3

Le Boat has a dedicated Sydney-based team available to help answer any of your questions.

Additionally, the company offers online training sessions, destination training packs, there’s 360-degree videos of all boats and don’t forget famils.

Le Boat will be hosting four famils in May, June, September and October this year.

Do you know much about Le Boat?