A lot can happen in 10 days. Someone could watch the entire series of Law & Order: SVU, someone could be half-way to breaking a habit, and a ship could emerge from dry dock looking new.

The latter occurred for P&O Cruises’ Pacific Jewel over the weekend, when the ship emerged from a 10-day makeover looking fresh and modern, according to the cruise line.

Over the one-week-and-three-day period, the 11-deck vessel was worked on by some 110 contractors who spent 120,000 hours plucking, hammering, repatching and dressing her up to look like…

P&O Cruises Pacific Jewel

The biggest change (and probably the most obvious) to Pacific Jewel was the fresh coat of paint featuring none other than, the Southern Cross livery.

On board, an outdoor barefoot lawn bowling green was added for those who like to play ball…

P&O Cruises Pacific Jewel lawn bowls

Foodies will love having an extra dining option, thanks to the addition of the Shell & Bones restaurant…

P&O Cruises Pacific Jewel restaurant

Meanwhile, the atrium received a bit of a revamp along with the Connexions Bar and Orient Bar…

P&O Cruises Pacific Jewel The Orient

To top it all off, some 200 pieces of new furniture were fitted, as well as 500 pieces of artwork and accessories, 6,000 square metres of carpet and 2,000 square metres of paint and wall-covering.

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What do you think of the new ship?