Imagine not only enjoying a cruise from the ocean surface, but venturing under the sea while cruising the world’s oceans.

That is just the experience you’ll get with Blue Eye, the first multi-sensory underwater lounge worldwide.

Yep. Ridiculous.

Keeping with its pioneering spirit, French-owned cruise line PONANT is launching a world-first in luxury expedition cruising. It’s ship Le Lapérouse will be the first on Earth to be equipped with a multi-sensory underwater space, called Blue Eye.

The other three yachts of the PONANT EXPLORERS series, Le Champlain, Le Bougainville and Le Dumont-d’Urville, will be the next.


Just what is Blue Eye you ask? It’s an underwater passenger lounge, located within the hull beneath the water line. Designed by architect Jacques Rougerie, who is deeply passionate about the sea, the Blue Eye enables PONANT guests to perceive and feel the underwater universe.

“In my work, I have always had my heart set on making people aware of the role that the sea has played in the history of humanity. I designed this multi-sensory underwater lounge in order for it to become enshrined at the heart of the PONANT philosophy. I set out to discover this fragile and exciting ocean world, which covers 71% of the planet’s surface and remains a huge mystery for mankind. The destiny of the civilisations to come will be born from the ocean,” Rougerie said.

Guests can become modern-day explorers, following in the wake of Jules Verne, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the great adventurers, as they observe the fauna and flora of this subaquatic universe.

If these amazing sights aren’t enough, the Blue Eye will be equipped with a sound system to reveal to the guests the amazing listening capabilities of their bodies. For the first time in the world, the public, during a cruise, will be able to ‘feel’ and be at the heart of an underwater world.


The immersive sounds experience can be felt in the Body Listening sofas, which discreetly vibrate in unison while offering unique sensory listening through corporal resonance. In addition, the subaquatic concerts will be broadcasted at sea or in the swimming pool.

Above the water, PONANT guests will be able to enjoy new travel experiences, such as tropical and subtropical expeditions. These cruises are unique as they offer a unique blend of discovery and exceptional comfort, even in the most remote corners of the world.

Now that is a cruise with a difference.

Would you venture under the water to experience Blue Eye for yourself?