TripAdvisor, the website that gave travellers an online microphone through which they could air a hotel, destination, tour or airline’s dirty laundry, has expanded to include cruises.

Watch out cruise lines, TripAdvisor users are as brave behind the keyboard as one can be and they’re coming for you!

But of course, the cruise industry is awesome and has nothing to fear… right?

We’ll soon find out because as part of the TripAdvisor site expansion users can write reviews of cruise ships, share photos and even shop for an upcoming holiday. Other users will also be able to read everything their peers have to say.

But it’s not just cruise ships that guests will be able to critique, there’s a ‘ship itinerary’ section that’ll allow users to review amenities and feature of the itinerary.


Image: Reynier Carl/Unsplash

According to the Daily Mail, the new feature has, for now, only been added to the UK and the US sites.

Bryan Saltzburg, TripAdvisor’s President of Flights, Cruise & Car, is quoted as saying that the new addition will help people find their perfect cruise.

“We know our community demands the best options while travelling, and by adding awe-inspiring cruises to our platform, we’re excited to support the continued growth of the overall cruise industry.”

Bryan Saltzburg, TripAdvisor President for Flights, Cruise & Car


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