‘Virgin’ Voyages? Hmm with a minimum age requirement of 18, we think almost everyone sailing onboard Richard Branson’s adults-only cruise line will be quite experienced.

We promise that’s the one and only Virgin joke we [intentionally] insert into this article because we have more important things to discuss, like how we finally have our first look at Richard Branson’s cruise line.

Details of the entrepreneur’s cruise off-shoot (which BTW is actually called Virgin Voyages) were released to the public this week to correspond with the inaugural keel laying ceremony.

Virgin Voyages 4

Ship addicts are going loco over what they’ve heard about the line’s first fleet – named ‘Lady Ships’ – so far, especially its 18+ age requirement.

Unlike your Royal Caribbeans and Carnivals, Richard Branson’s 2,800 passenger vessel will be more U by Uniworld inclined, in that it will cater to a fun, youthful yet mature market when she sets sail in 2020. Although the cruise line is yet to specific how.

Virgin Voyages’ Chief Executive Tom McAlphine said the onboard experience will be “adult by design” as per cruiser feedback, Business Insider reported.

“The decision was driven by feedback from future sailors and travel professionals, who are looking for a more elevated and premium experience, with a few Virgin style surprises.”

Tom McAlphine, Virgin Voyages Chief Executive

Virgin Voyages 3

What we do know about the Virgin vessel is that it will feature a sleek grey hull and smoked glass and 93 percent of all cabins will have an ocean view.

Land dwellers will be able to spot the ship approaching via the mermaid ‘guide’ to be painted across the hull.

“She will be the most recognisable ship sailing the seven seas, delivering an irresistible sailor experience.”

Richard Branson

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What do you think of an adults-only cruise line?