The delay on Scenic Eclipse’s arrival may very well be worth the wait because when she finally does launch next year, she’ll be equipped to handle “the most demanding conditions”.

While KARRYON awaits confirmation that Scenic Eclipse is on schedule for her new early January launch date, Scenic’s Founder and Owner, Glen Moroney, has revealed that the ship’s design is meeting “complex requirements” that’ll allow it to operate in rough polar areas.

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In a statement, he said the technology put into the vessel’s design is custom-built and paramount for it to reach destinations “most people have only ever seen on TV documentaries”.


Among these tech-advancements are custom-built stabilisers, which are 50 percent larger than the standard vessel and dynamic positioning technology that removes the need for anchors.

“This is a ship Jules Verne would have loved.”

Glen Moroney, Scenic Founder & Owner

“Access to small ports and the sensitive polar regions are elements of the program development for Scenic Eclipse.”

Setting benchmarks in design and innovation, Scenic Eclipse has been given the rating of Ice Class 1A Super (Polar Class 6) – that’s the highest of any luxury expedition vessel.

The 168m discovery yacht will also be fuelled with Marine Gas Oil (MGO), which is the highest class of marine fuel, state-of-the-art wastewater system, and the Azipod propulsion system that results in the lowest noise levels.

It seems as though Scenic Eclipse will be a one-of-a-kind vessel when she arrives in January 2019. However, close competition isn’t too far behind, with Crystal Cruises’ luxury expedition yacht setting sail less than a year later.


Will you be cruising on Scenic Eclipse one day?