Get the tissues ready everyone, because you may be needing them after watching this unexpected tear-jerker from Carnival Cruise Line.

In a marketing world of selling shiny new features and ‘better than the others’ benefits, service sometimes gets forgotten as a key element of the experience.

Promoting and talking up the ‘big’ names over the smaller, seemingly everyday ones is often the way most brands go when it comes to showcasing their wares.

So it’s great to see this honest video from Carnival Cruise Line telling a very different, heartfelt story that focusses on the crew and the passengers they are there to serve.

Of the 3,000 passengers, Carnival Spirit carries with her on every voyage, nearly 1,000 of them are crew. That’s almost one crew member for every two guests.

The insight for this video was that the crew rarely get to hear from their guests directly of the impact they have on them and their holiday.

The crew had no idea what they were about to watch.

In just over two minutes we get to see first hand the unforgettable effect these Carnival Spirit crew members have on their guests and what it means to their guests holidays.

And vice versa.

It’s a powerful story that highlights not only the critically necessary focus on the customer experience but the power of travel at work and how when done right, it leaves a lasting impression of good on everyone. Another example of travel to change the world? I think so.

“It’s nice to see that something I do is helping them (my customers) out and that they’re having a good time. It’s what I’m here for.”

Eli, Carnival Spirit Cruise Director

Hats off to you Carnival Cruise Line for telling this authentic and awesome story.


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