‘A’ usually comes before ‘B’ unless you’re talking about ‘U’, which unleashed The A on European rivers six months AFTER launching The groundbreaking B.

Sheesh, the alphabet hasn’t been that confusing since kindergarten.

The clearer explanation is…

U by Uniworld’s second ship called ‘The A’ made its debut over the weekend, six months after launching its first vessel called, ‘The B’.

U by Uniworld The A 5

Some 120 new generation of adult travellers were on board the maiden voyage down The Rhine, during which they were able to trial the ship’s one-of-a-kind features.

Among the unique inclusions available on The A include mixology classes, silent discos, yoga, wine tastings and farm-to-table dining.

U by Uniworld The A 3

Guests were treated to dishes made with locally sourced ingredients and varying from comfort food to organic options.

U by Uniworld The A 7

They also enjoyed cool nights inside the ship’s Ice Bar.

U by Uniworld The A 4

Other highlights of the vessel include the waterfront views available from all rooms, flat screen TV’s, built-in Bluetooth speakers, various USB ports and more.

U by Uniworld The A 2

U by Uniworld Australia’s Managing Director Fiona Dalton said the line is “thrilled” to have another ship delivering a “completely new river cruise experience” to adventurous and curious travellers.

“It’s a way to experience these incredible destinations like never before.”

Fiona Dalton, U by Uniworld Australia Managing Director

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Have you set sail with U by Uniworld yet?