Uniworld’s S.S. Beatrice is BACK on Europe’s rivers but she’s looking somewhat different – a whole lot fresher, a tad bit sleeker and a lot more SUPER!

That’s because she’s the first Uniworld vessel to undergo a complete upgrade to join S.S. Antoinette, S.S. Catherine, S.S. Joie de Vivre and S.S. Maria Theresa as the cruise line’s fifth Super Ship

As part of her ‘Super’ makeover, the vessel received two new Grand Suites measuring at 29 square metres and a second 36 square metre Owner’s/Royal Suite. She was also fitted with four new dining options, blue and white finishes and new UBS ports allowing guests to recharge anywhere they are sitting.

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Uniworld SS Beatrice 2

S.S. Beatrice showed off her new look in Budapest this week before her maiden voyage along the Danube to Giurgiu.

Uniworld’s Chief Executive and President, Ellen Bettridge, said she’s thrilled S.S. Beatrice will be able to offer guests “the highest standard in river cruising” and is excited to see River Empress and River Royale undergo the ‘Super’ makeover in 2019.

Uniworld SS Beatrice 3

“We’ve seen great success with all of our Super Ships and their level of luxury demonstrates the way forward for the brand.”

Ellen Bettridge, Uniworld CEO and President

S.S Beatrice sails on six itineraries to destinations including the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia.

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