Uniworld is replenishing its fleet with four new river ships that’ll upgrade the comfort, luxury and design experience for guests travelling in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Arriving in 2020 will be the first three of the four new Uniworld vessels, which will replace current ships sailing on the Nile in Egpyt, the Mekong in Vietnam and the Douro in Portugal. A fourth ship will set off in 2021 along the Volga in Russia.

Each ship will be designed to complement Uniworld’s Super Ships in Europe, such as S.S. Joie de Vivre that set sail in 2017, S.S. Beatrice, which was recently upgraded into the luxurious Class, and River Royale that’s currently being upgraded into S.S. Bon Voyage.


Super Ship features that travellers can expect onboard the new vessels include signature touches, distinctive themes, more suites, more dining venues and more luxurious finishes.


President and Chief Executive of Uniworld, Ellen Bettridge, said the cruise line is excited to bring its “elegantly designed one-of-a-kind vessels” to Egypt, Portugal, Vietnam and Russia. She expects they’ll provide guests with “unforgettable” experiences both on and off the shore.

“We have plans to offer our one-of-a-kind ships on our popular itineraries along the Nile, Douro, Mekong and the Volga.”

Ellen Bettridge, Uniworld President & CEO


Managing Director for Uniworld Australia, Fiona Dalton, also welcomed the “fantastic news”, saying that it aligns the brand’s product with “our commitment to maintaining our position as the number one luxury river cruise in Australia, for Australians”.

In addition to the four new ships, Uniworld also confirmed plans to upgrade River Countess into a Super Ship in 2020, which will offer guests “an unparalleled floating hotel experience in Venice”.


What are your thoughts on the line’s fleet growth?