In 2018, Travel Agents needn’t worry about commitment and loyalty from a number of travel brands, including Avalon Waterways, which sees consultants as “vital” to its businesses.

Speaking to KARRYON, Avalon Waterways’ National Marketing Manager, Chris Fundell, said he expects this year is set to be another big year for the company and a big part of that is due to the ongoing support from trade.

He explained that being there on the frontline and talking to customers every day gives them a unique advantage, as it makes them “vital to the success and growth” of Avalon and other travel businesses.


As a result, Fundell said that over the course of 2018, the tour company will dedicate a large portion of its marketing activity to the sector, which will go towards knowledge development, promotional activity, competitions and, best of all, famils.

“We’re constantly focused on developing their knowledge and depth of understanding of the product.”

Chris Fundell, Avalon Waterways National Marketing Manager

“Aside from providing opportunities for trade to experience the product first-hand via our famil programme, we’ll continue to focus on working cooperatively with our Agent partners on information nights and local travel trade shows to increase Avalon’s awareness across every region.”

Avalon Waterways

Earlier this year, Avalon kick-started its 2018 commitment to trade with the rollout of presentations to Travel Agents around the country that focused on existing product and the new 2019 brochure.

In the near future, consultants can look forward to the launch of a new trade training programme designed to make it easier for them to learn about the Avalon portfolio, as well as new incentive, competitions and opportunities to earn points in the exclusive ‘Passport 2 Rewards’ programme.

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