So, what exactly is on the financial horizon for an entire generation of Baby Boomers? Well, an actual horizon, and from the comfort of a sun deck on an enormous cruise liner.

Gone are the days of squirreling away the pennies to ensure a stable existence for the future movers and shakers of this planet. Instead, legions of the 50+ are now choosing to spend their hard-earned cash on a cruise of the Seven Seas at the expense of their children’s long-awaited inheritance.

What’s more, is that the vast majority of this older generation feel very little remorse at the thought of dipping into their beloved child’s future endowment for the sake of a sun-soaked cruise around the Med (I mean, really, can you blame them?)

Priorities, it would seem, have changed.


Image: Reynier Carl/Unsplash

Highlighted in a recent survey by of almost 6,000 seniors, results found that saving simply doesn’t feature as a matter of great importance anymore. Further analysis tells us that 1.4 million Baby Boomers (yes, you read that right) are expected to embark on luxurious cruises of their own this year.

More often than not, this older demographic choose to loosen those purse strings, sparing little to no expense on around-the-world cruises and transatlantic expeditions. That equates to an insane chunk of income spent on cruise liners per year, with estimations suggesting $556 million was spent collectively last year alone.


Image: Sheila Jellison/Unsplash

In the spirit of reawakened youth, why shouldn’t older generations reward themselves with an adventurous holiday to tick off the bucket list? Or, at the very least, an excuse to prop their feet up.

As the age-old (or in this case, old age) saying goes, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer… and forget the kids”. Or something along those lines, at least.


Would you choose to spend your child’s inheritance on a cruise? Let us know below.