Travel Agents, put down the phone. Log onto your computer, open a web browser and click onto the address field. Type in ‘River Currents’ and set yourself up as a user.

You’re going to want to do this, especially if river cruise sales are your specialty.

Uniworld and it’s youthful brand, U by Uniworld, have made their itineraries available for booking online, but don’t worry, it’s only accessible to Travel Agents.


In order to access the site, Agents can click here and then register by entering their agency’s store phone number.

Once logged in, consultants will be able to use the engine to book their clients on a river cruise with just a couple of clicks of a button.

Uniworld River Currents

According to Uniworld and U by Uniworld’s Managing Director, Fiona Dalton, the online booking site is designed to provide Agents with choice and convenience.

“The addition of the service enhances Uniworld’s ability to provide choice and conveince for our Agents to book their clients on an impeccable journey on the rivers with Uniworld.”

Fiona Dalton, Uniworld Managing Director

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Have you seen an increase in river cruise bookings?