I’m sorry, did you say walk all the way to the dining room for another hit of sugary-goodness? Pfft, no thanks. I’ll just sit right here and let the lovely cruise ship waiters bring trays of treats directly to me.

Does that come across a little too bourgeoisie? Don’t worry, it’s not as over-indulging as it sounds… or is it?


Either way, chocoholics won’t mind living the decadent life when they get a taste of Holland America’s new ‘Chocolate Surprise’ service.

Available on the last gala evening of every cruise, the ‘Chocolate Surprise’ will see waiters deliver trays of bite-sized confections straight to guests in main public areas, this includes all bars and lounges.

Literally a parade of chocolate, waiters will have all kinds of treats on their silver trays, from lemon curd, bittersweet chocolate and butter cream to double chocolate cupcakes, dark chocolate hazelnut pops and milk chocolate raspberry tarts.

cruise ship

There’s also chocolate macaroons with Grand Marnier, chocolate-dipped marshmallows and caramel puffed rice treats with chocolate sauce.

cruise ship

The best part is, the service runs for an hour so there’s plenty of time to fulfill your sugar cravings.

“Guests love our culinary events, particularly those featuring chocolate, and we wanted to create something special that enhances their evening activities.”

Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line President

“It’s all about making the most of our exceptional service, and the Chocolate Surprise delights guests in a most delicious and memorable way.”

cruise ship Holland America chocolate treats

Chocolate Surprise will take place on all of Holland America’s ships, even those in Australia! So get glutenous.

Are you up for a Chocolate Surprise on a cruise ship?