Flights, accommodation, tours, travel insurance and spending money – it’s a pricey combination when you’re travelling solo, now imagine the expense on a family of four?

Er, the financial stress on families.


Scoot is easing the pressure on Aussie families in 2018 through a new family-friendly campaign offering one-way flights to India from $199.

Mmmhm, $199.


That’s cheaper than a domestic flight around Australia #JustSaying.

The one-way fare includes taxes and is available on flights from Perth via Singapore for an Economy Fly Fare.

At that cost, a family of four can travel to India and back from $1,592.

Just wrapping our heads around this one: that’s four people flying return to India for around the same price a solo traveller would pay for a return flight to South America.

Literally us right now…


As per Scoot’s basic fares, the cost only covers the seat so bags and food will be extra, but from $1,592 return for four people?! C’mon!

Besides India, the promotion also includes flights from other Australian cities to destinations such as Athens, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

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