The Middle East may not have the best reputation when it comes to safety, but as the slightly tampered saying goes, ‘don’t judge a city by its unsteady neighbours”.

Both the Middle East’s Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Doha (Qatar) made the top 10 safest cities list for 2017, pushing past seemingly low-risk destinations such as Burlington in Canada and Tokyo in Japan.

According to the list compiled by, Abu Dhabi is the safest city in the world right now, with the lowest crime index of just 13.54 in the past six months, and the highest safety index of 86.49 since the beginning of the year.

Image: Emma Van Sant/Unsplash

Image: Emma Van Sant/Unsplash

Respondents to the index said that Abu Dhabi has very low crime levels and scored the capital at 94 percent for a general feeling of safety in the city.

Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority’s Director General, Saif Saeed Ghobash, said Abu Dhabi has a “solid reputation for safety with a virtually crime-free society”.

“It is a priority when choosing a city to visit or live in and provides peace of mind knowing that you can feel safe anywhere you go in Abu Dhabi.”

Saif Saeed Ghobash, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority’s Director General

“The result of this index supports Abu Dhabi’s position as the leading city in the world to live, work and do business in, and highlights an aspect of life in Abu Dhabi that is a matter of great pride to all residents.”

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The UAE city ranked ahead of Munich in Germany, which has a 2017 safety index of 84.24 percent followed by Taipei in Taiwan, Basel in Switzerland and Arhus in Denmark.

Germany’s Heidelberg managed to land the spot as the sixth safest city, with a 83.64 percent safety ranking, ahead of Qatar’s Doha, which was named 7th safest city in the world despite an ongoing land, sea and air blockade on Qatar raised by neighbouring countries.


Rounding off the top 10 safest cities are Singapore, Manhalore in India and Zurich in Switzerland.

Which country have you felt completely safe in?