Travelling to the US is something I enjoy immensely…

Each city and state offering a meld of sights, scenery and cultural mix and whilst there are many hotspots around the world that can really hurt your wallet and your luggage allowance – Beijing, Barcelona, Bangkok all take some serious leg-work – for me, the United States of Shopping has me by the short and curlies and continually wanting more.

With mass consumerism as its finest, the US manages to have a wide range of products and pretty low prices in the first place but take those items and put them in an outlet store and I’m looking for the nearest sales chick shouting, “Take all my greenbacks”. That lovely jacket that retailed at $599? Oh, it’s mine for only $59? Why thank you. That amazing designer handbag you can’t even afford to look at in a regular store? Yours for just one fifth of its original price. Even better news? As we’re in the southern hemisphere all those outlet goodies are perfect for our upcoming season so next time you’re considering your US vacation, why not add in one of these shopping hotspots?

1. Jersey Gardens, New Jersey
This is one of the ugliest outlets I’ve seen – it’s all indoors and a bit dingy but really does that matter when there is a Saks 5th Avenue Off Fifth, A Nordstrom Rack and a Neiman Marcus Last Call? No. Those stores all scream ‘beautiful shoes at amazing prices’ and you can forgive a little fugly on the aesthetics now for the all-Italian lux-leather on your fabulous tootsies later.

Tip: Forget the shopper’s shuttle, you can reach Jersey Gardens by regular bus from the Port Authority Terminal in Manhattan. Too easy.

2. Premium Outlets, Las Vegas
There are two Premium Outlets in Las Vegas – one at the northern end of the RTC bus run and one at the southern. The northern is more popular and more fashion-focused, the southern more casual, sportswear orientated. The great news, if you have the stamina (c’mon, you know you do), you can do both in one day as a 24-hour bus ticket is only $8.

Tip: if you are driving into Vegas, stop at the Primm Outlets on the way and ONLY go to Nieman Marcus Last Call – as these are the vagabond outcast of outlet malls, the bargains are great in here.

3. Premium Outlets, Hawaii
These are pretty outlets with even prettier price tags. You get here by a $15 shuttle so you need to make a day of it if you don’t have a car but I think it’s worth it. When my friend and I returned to the bus at the end of the day, the other passengers openly laughed at the number of bags we each had and they had to have their own seats.

Tip: Smart thieves wait in the bathrooms for a weary shopper to drop their pants to pee. They then lean over and snatch your newly purchased goodies. Place your shopping on the floor, not the hooks to avoid this. 

4. Sawgrass Mills, Miami
There are two main outlet centres in the Miami area – Sawgrass Mills and the Dolphin Mall – and both can be a bit of a mission to get to without a car but if you’re staying in South Beach or Fort Lauderdale then there are shuttle bus options available from certain hotels – ask the concierge to book it for you. Sawgrass Mills has a nicer layout and outlook so it is my pick for the area. With some amazing shoe-shop and fashion options, you’ll be able to finally justify that walk-in wardrobe.

Tip: Show your ID at the guest centre as foreigners can free a discount booklet.

5. Premium Outlets, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is probably a surprise to find on this list but after a visit here last Christmas I think it’s a great spot to head to get away from the madness and chaos of the silly season. When the rest of the US is cold, Puerto Rico has beautiful 25c days and some stunning spots to chill in. Add to this some great outlets and the cracking sales that occur between Christmas and New Year and you have the perfect excuse to warm that credit card up to a toasty 25c (and then some) too.

Have you got any outlet recommendations to add to this list?