Where on earth can you experience a wine festival that only happens 4 times a Century and is now over 500 years old?

Organised by the guild of the wine growers in Vevey Switzerland, 5000 to 6000 locals play in the show that basically tells the story of what goes on during the four seasons from the wine growers.

Photo by swissinfo.ch

This will be the event of 2019 as The Winegrowers Festival ‘Fete des Vignerons’ in Vevey only happens 4 times a Century and the festival is over 500 years old. Now that’s a good wine.

Even UNESCO have recognised the festival on it’s list of intangible cultural heritage. The ancient festival pays tribute to the wine makers of the region and encourages and promotes wine growing culture.

Photo by swissinfo.ch

A special arena is being build for the show as thousands will flock to the area between 18 July to 11 August 2019 to be part of the event.

What to expect? This will be the place to experience the best food and wine in the world. Plus everyone is dressed up in festival gear. Get your insta stories ready.

Photo by swissinfo.ch

Vevey is surrounded by the Alps and Lake Geneva and is a town known to many as the classic Charlie Chaplin called this town home and for those chocolate loving fanatics, the Nestle Factory is waiting for you. mmmmm chocolate.

For more information visit www.fetedesvignerons.ch/en/


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