When you’re halfway through exploring Spain’s capital city and you really CBF walking all the way back to the hotel room for a three-hour siesta, just catch some z’s in the city’s nap bar.

Yes, a nap bar, where drinking alcohol is off the tables, unless of course a shot of whiskey is your valium-equivalent.

Recently opened in Madrid’s business and commercial district, Nuevos Ministerios, Siesta&Go invites “busy, working locals” as well as travellers to get a little shut eye during the day.

Siesta&Go Nap Bar Spain Madrid 3

Sleepy patrons pay by the minute or hour and can choose from a napping pod, a private bedroom…

Siesta&Go Nap Bar Spain Madrid 2

or they can choose to relax in an armchair….

Siesta&Go Nap Bar Spain Madrid 5

Prices start from $12 for one hour in a top bunk, or $21 for a private room.

Not bad.

The establishment also has Wi-Fi for tourists who want to update their social media pages, newspapers, mobile chargers, yoga mats and study desks.

Siesta&Go Nap Bar Spain Madrid 4

Although Siesta&Go is the first-of-its-kind venue in Spain, these ‘nap’ establishments are popping up in countries such as the Philippines, Japan, the UK and more.

Would you pay $12 for a sleep break?