Public proposals – they either make you dream of having the perfect partner organise a spectacular declaration of love with up to three cameras recording every second, or they make you hurl.

For some, the idea of having hundreds of strangers watch-on as their other half dances, sings, recruits a supporting cast and then eventually bends down on one knee to pop the question, almost literally makes them break out in rashes.

They see it as over the top, impersonal and kind of tacky – sorry not sorry.


But every now and then one couple (well, the proposing side of the pair) gets it right with the perfect blend of public and private.

Like this man, who’s proposal at Disneyland is making headlines for its creativity and simplicity.

Sharing his story on Reddit, user eugenius310 said just before boarding Splash Mountain, he told his boyfriend that it would be fun to make ‘shocked’ faces at the camera.

Then as the ride approached the camera he pulled out a sign his niece and nephew had prepared earlier, which read ‘Chris Will You Marry Me’.


Sitting directly behind Chris, this meant that his boyfriend didn’t actually see the proposal and he tucked the paper away before the ride was over.

They then exited and walked over to the photo stand where Chris saw the message.

“He was shocked. I got down on one knee and asked him to spend the rest of his life with me.”

Disneyland visitor, creative proposer and now fiance´


Chris said yes and we assume they’re now planning their big day.


Are you a fan of public proposals?