ADVENTURE AWAITS: Write your own tailor-made story in Ireland with Etihad

Ireland is trending again as a favourite destination for 2019 and it’s time for agents to discover more “adventurous” travel choices in the isle that continues to lure Australians.

Ireland is trending again as a favourite destination for 2019 and it’s time for agents to discover more “adventurous” travel choices in the isle that continues to lure Australians.

REMEMBER those fab Choose Your Own Adventure books you used to read when you were a kid?

To slay the dragon and escape the castle – turn to page 10, to cross the rope bridge and grab the treasure – turn to page 16, or to step behind the waterfall and wake the sleeping wizard – turn to page 21?

You probably moved on from those epic books a while ago now, but hey, it’s never too late to pick your own path and embark on a real life-changing journey.



And Ireland is just the place to do it with more roads to travel down on a tailor-made journey than scenarios in a Choose Your Own Adventure title.

Oh, and BTW, visiting castles, crossing rope bridges and wandering waterfalls can be included if that’s what floats your boat.




This adventure starts in the seat of an Etihad Airways plane with daily flights to Dublin from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and by booking now there’s the choice to up and away when and how you want and the chance to grab hot airfare deals for travel in 2019.

So, what will it be?

We’ve selected three incredible driving routes that make it easy to tour this friendly land, you just need to decide the direction your Irish quest will take.


CHOICE 1: Love navigating epic coastal routes?


Choose the Wild Atlantic Way as your adventure

The coastal drive stretches from the wind-blown crown of Malin Head to the safe haven of Kinsale Harbour and rivals the world’s greatest scenic drives with travellers wrapped in the wilderness of the Emerald Isle’s west.

Take in the vistas at the Cliffs of Moher and Skellig Michael, linger in a pretty colourful town like Dingle, sample delicious food, and uncover fascinating culture.




Choose Ireland’s Ancient East as your adventure

Ireland’s lush south-east corner is framed by the Shannon River and the Irish Sea with those driving through this region hearing old tales, seeing seaside hamlets and surveying unforgettable scenery.

Visit the prehistoric passage tombs at Newgrange, religious sites that once drew scholars from around Europe, and baronial estates where the locals retell tales of the past bringing the history of Ireland’s Ancient East to life.




Choose the Causeway Coastal Route as your adventure

This course reaches around the Northern Ireland coast from Belfast to Derry~Londonderry offering a fix on natural landscapes intertwined with magic, myths, and legends. Take anywhere from two hours or two weeks to experience the wonders of this legendary route from cliffs and valleys to mountain streams and waterfalls.

Embrace the myth of The Giant’s Causeway as you explore the magnificent rock formations. Listening to the wind rush by as you cross The Gobbins and Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, makes the magic that bit more real.




Etihad Airways continues to up the ante in offering flyers in every cabin category choices that enhance their sky-high experience.

The Etihad Airways’ Flying Nanny (Yes really!) service promises an extra pair of hands to parents in any cabin. Imagine that? A qualified nanny available to help with your precious little ones mid-flight.



You don’t just have to be in Business or First to be living the high life, as the Etihad Economy Smart Seat features a headrest that provides a “shoulder to lean on”, adjustable back support, a big screen, and plenty of space to recline.

Not to mention that in Business your seat reclines into a fully-flat bed when you’re ready for the good rest and with Dine Anytime, you decide when you want to eat.

And in their First Apartment, you can relax in your personal private space or invite a travelling companion to join you for a meal prepared by your very own in-flight chef.

When it comes to eating in economy, passengers not only get the healthiest meals included but also the choice to purchase extra snack boxes and beverages on board.

The choices continue in economy as you can even bid for a neighbour-free seat to give you the opportunity to snag even more space at an affordable price, or even some additional leg room.

Don’t forget you can now also use Etihad’s premium lounge’s previously reserved for Business and First by paying a small fee at selected airports to freshen up and relax en-route.

AND… All passengers can take advantage of the amazing Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Stopover offer to break up the long trip, where economy passengers can buy one hotel night and receive a second night free in a luxury hotel.

This opens up all kinds of exciting opportunities at Etihad’s home to experience their world-renowned hospitality.  Business Class passengers receive one night in a luxury hotel totally free.



Now is the time to book with early-bird deals not only promising hot offers to those keen on seeing Ireland in 2019 but guaranteeing customers can choose when, where and how they travel.

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What would your ultimate tailor-made Ireland adventure look like? Let us know below.

By Sarah Nicholson, KARRYON contributor

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