Helga would be proud as acclaimed German and Australian Chefs surprise the industry and guests with a treat that turned some sauerkraut faces to Oktoberfest smiles.

Schnitzels, sausages and bread is what many think are the food choices in Germany, but for those of us that have been and thanks to these chefs, Australian is finally able to sample the culinary treats that is putting Germany on the foodie map.

Did you know that there are 300 michelin star restaurants in Germany? And there are over 1500 types of sausages. Who knew.


James Cooley (GNTO), Helge Hagemann (German Chef), Darren Taylor (Darren Taylor Catering), Nadja Warner (GNTO)

Australian Chef Darren Taylor teamed up with Hamburg Chef Helge Hagemann to put together a scrumpous evening at the Goethe-Institut in Sydney to showcase their fresh new flavours.

“We are both passionate about using only the finest local and sustainable ingredients in our cooking, so anyone that loves trying fresh new flavours will definitely be in for a real treat”

Said Hamburg Chef Helge Hagemann

So what was on the menu you ask? Check this out.

Canapes on arrival


Mini prawn brioche avocado/lemon puree, walnut oil mayonnaise, flying fish roe Three mushroom/tarragon ragout tartlet (V) Cigar of spiced duck liver/cognac parfait, roasted hazelnut



Jerusalem artichoke/ peas/ plums (V).

Main course


Australian slow roasted leg of lamb with preserved lemon Accompanied by German Walnut- bread dumplings German Pickles.



Lyla’s Pavlova, cream Chantilly, blueberries, strawberries, passionfruit curd, candied pineapple and raspberry coulis (V).


About Helge Hagemann

Helge Hagemann is a Hamburg-based chef and part of die WerteKöche, a cooking collective who aim to share their love of reinventing German cuisine with local and sustainable ingredients. Helge started his career at the acclaimed Hotel Louis C. Jacob restaurant in Hamburg and has worked at many other highly-regarded establishments including the Kleine Brunnenstrasse 1, Röperhof and Schauermann.

About Darren Taylor

Darren Taylor is a classically trained chef and multi-award-winning restaurateur and caterer. During his 40-year career, he has worked with some of Australia’s most celebrated chefs and has as a caterer has developed an envious reputation for delivering fine food, wine and service. In 2015, he launched Darren Taylor Catering, an industry leader in catering and events.

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What’s your favourite German dish?