Predictions of Arabic-speaking countries, such as Egypt and Jordan, returning to favour among tourists are coming to fruition, with tour operators seeing large spikes in sales.

In January alone, Sun Island Tours set a new record as tour bookings for Egypt jumped 82 percent compared to all sales made in 2018.

That’s right – the tour operator sold over 80 percent more Egypt itineraries in the first month of 2019 than the entire previous year!

General Manager, John Polyviou, described the record-breaking month as “astounding” and believes it was due to a mix of restored confidence in the destination as well as traveller curiosity.

Polyviou continued, saying that although impressed by healthy numbers, Egypt still have a long way to go before it returns to pre-2011 civil unrest popularity.

“Continuing to offer English-speaking guaranteed-departure tours after the 2011 civil unrest while many other operators pulled out for many years, we proved to be a resilient bunch with full confidence in the country and also our products,” Polyviou said.

“This resilience also helped to quickly restore confidence among our clients, while giving us an edge.”


On the Go Tours hosting Travel Advisors in Egypt.

On the Go Tours also recently revealed its bookings for The Gift of the Nile had been on the rise since 2015 when travel warnings from government agencies such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) were lifted.

Throughout 2018, the operator saw Egypt group tours climb 102 percent compared to 2017, while tailor-made trips increased by 62 percent.


Is Egypt on your bucket list for 2019?