The hills are ALIVE with the sound of music, beauty AND history. Get ready to discover a few more of your new favourite things in Austria!

Let us show you why Austria, in the heart of Europe, should be part of your dream European itinerary.

Austrian hospitality is outstanding, plus have you tried their food? Best, strudel, ever. 

Austrians make you feel truly at home when you visit their beautiful country, you can stay in adorable bed and breakfasts with a local family in the Alps and take selfies with alpine cows to your heart’s content.

They will give you local insider tips on what to see and even how to get around.

Did we mention the best way to travel around Austria?


Scenic Rail


Yes, trains.

Trains everywhere! But not the metropolitan graffiti-covered carts of other big cities around the world.

These are well cared for, long-distance beauties! Designed especially for comfort with lots of space and huge windows to let you drink in all of the mountainous scenery along your journey.

More comfortable than a plane, and more exciting than a bus, and incredibly easy to use.

But where are you going, and what will you do when you get there?



If you got hungry when we mentioned food earlier, Graz is the place for you!

This town is known for being the culinary heart of Austria. With origins dating back to the Romans, it’s well-known for its striking buildings and architecture.

It is a unique blend of old and new and is at its most spectacular during Christmastime. During various times of the year, it is also home to incredible art festivals; when international theatre groups, dancers, and performers turn the city into one huge stage.



Need a break from reality?

Yoga in the mornings, maybe a refreshing hike during the afternoon? Arlberg delivers with spectacular scenery that doesn’t seem real.

If you want to spend a few days pretending that you are living in a fairy-tale then this is the place to be. Plus, insta-opportunities galore!

If you are planning your visit during winter, prepare to be enchanted by one of the most magical mountain regions in Austria.



A musical masterpiece of a city!

Salzburg is the home of Mozart himself, you can follow in his footsteps and visit Café Tomaselli before walking through Old Town.

It’s home to the Salzburg Cathedral, and even the oldest restaurant in Europe! They even have a chocolate named after Mozart (don’t stop at just one) which you can pick up from most shops during your explorations.

If you are still feeling musical why not take a Sound Of Music walking tour? You’ll stroll past many major filming locations, and why not sing along the way?


Unmissable Austrian Accommodation


Schloss Mönchstein

We have already mentioned the amazing hospitality in Austria and the options of where to stay are truly endless.

If you are looking for a unique stay that has the Instagram drool worthy factor, Austria has you covered.

Looking for a luxury castle with views overlooking Salzburg? You got it. Seeking a wellness oasis in the Tirolean Alps? Sure thing!  How about a boutique ski resort with a modern twist? Austria has it all.

Find a plethora of unreal hotels throughout Austria here.


Visit the Official Austria Travel guide

If you are already dreaming of your ideal Austrian getaway, make sure you visit the official Austria travel guide here to get started, or if you need some insta-worthy hotel suggestions, have a look here.


What unmissable Austrian experience would you add to your bucket list?


Written by Christina Woods, KARRYON contributor

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