Time flies when you’re spread out across the purest white sand on the planet and dipping into crystal blue saltwater on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Hamilton Island.

This year (2018) marks 35 years since Hamilton Island first opened its resort doors to guests and it’s easy to see how far the island has come since.

Speaking to Travel Agents at the 2018 Global Stars, the island’s Kathryn O’Brien said much has changed since 1983, when the island entertained visitors with a couple of dolphins and transported them to and from the mainland on a couple of weekly Ansett services.

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Today, it is recognised by travellers worldwide as being one of the most beautiful around the world AND the most romantic thanks to its sunsets, natural beauty and luxurious offerings.

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“It’s 35 years since we first opened the resort go guests and in that time we’ve come a lot way. We now welcome over 500,000 people per year and we have a lot going on,” O’Brien said.


O’Brien attributed the island’s growth to its owners who are “passionate” about the destination and are keen to turn it into an Aussie icon.

“We have owners who are passionate about the island and who continue to invest in the island itself, its facilities and accommodation.”

“They want it to be an Australian icon where we can all be proud of and keep coming back time and time again.”

Kathryn O’Brien, Hamilton Island General Manager Sales

To help push the Aussie icon status, owners have signed off on a few new development projects for the next few years, including a new reef product as well as a new hotel, which will open in five years.


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