Many would agree (openly or shyly) that sex toys are quite a treat, especially when they’re used in new and less familiar environments such as… overseas.

But sadly, whether they’re part of spicing up your love life or required for solo adventures, sex toys aren’t always the safest accessory to travel with.

That’s especially true if you’re heading to religiously conservative countries, such as Saudi Arabia, but it’s also the case if you’re travelling somewhere as unexpected as Alabama.

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That’s right, US state Alabama, according research conducted by adult toy retailer, Carvaka.

Here are seven destinations you may want to avoid visiting with your vibrating friends:


1. Alabama

While tourists are technically allowed to bring sex toys to Alabama, they’d be hard pressed to find any to buy while they’re visiting.

According to Carvaka, the sale of sex toys was criminalised in the state back in 1998 as part of the Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act.


2. Thailand

WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT! The seemingly sexually free country Thailand doesn’t allow tourists to bring in sex toys as they’re seen as “obscene items”.


3. Vietnam

WHAT?! Apparently travellers haven’t been able to carry sex toys in their luggage since 2011. Those who try to sneak in handcuffs and other goodies will have them confiscated.


4. Malaysia

Yep, yep, can definitely see how sex toys would be banned from Malaysia which is religiously conservative. BUT it’s not just sex toys. Anyone caught with offensive books, pamphlets, drawings or paintings face imprisonment.


5. India

Anything that fuels “lascivious, or overtly sexual thoughts” are banned from India, this includes toys, images and even online businesses.


6. The Maldives


It may be popular for romantic escapes but you don’t want to get too sexy in the Maldives where “pornographic materials” are prohibited.


7. The UAE

Image: Spencer Imbrock/Unsplash

Sex toys are prohibited from the UAE, so you definitely don’t want to be the one to bring them in. If you are caught with something sexy, you’ll have the items confiscated and/or be prosecuted.

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