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BEAUTIFUL SAMOA: How to get the most out of a holiday in the heart of Polynesia

Just a stone’s throw away from Australia, Samoa is the perfect holiday for any Aussie seeking an island escape.

Just a stone’s throw away from Australia, Samoa is the perfect holiday for any Aussie seeking an island escape.

Nestled deep in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere between Fiji, The Cook Islands and Hawaii, lies the pristine paradise of Samoa. With stunning natural beauty and relaxed vibes, Samoa is the perfect option for literally every type of traveller.

Not sure where to start planning your trip to Samoa? With holiday deals on sale all year through Viva! Holidays, there has never been a better time take off.

If you need a cheeky guide to figure out what kind of experience you’re after. Check out the handpicked experiences that will give you the edge on how to best explore beautiful Samoa.


Take a digital detox


Put your out of office on, switch off your FB notifications and bring your favourite book because you’re going on a digital detox!  Unique hotels like the Coconuts Beach Club offer incredible views right from the comfort of your very own over-the-water fale. This is relaxation central with breathtaking sunsets, amazing views and luxurious comfort. With no distractions such as phones and TV’s you can truly immerse yourself in the beauty and soak up the serenity.


While you’re taking time away from your screen you should also go to the island of Savai’i (accessible by a 90-minute ferry from Upolu). Here you can swim with the local turtles or enjoy a cocktail in the sunset. Check into the Savai’i Lagoon Resort which allows you to walk from the resort straight into the water, where you can snorkel through the stunning coral.


Exploring Samoa’s finest gems


Now you have started to adapt to island life and have switched your relaxation mode on, it’s time to do some exploring. So charge your camera battery, pack some snacks and tick some of these Samoan unmissable experiences off your list.

Discover “The Real Samoa” on the island of Savai’i, by indulging yourself with a traditional Sunday meal cooked in an Umu (an overground volcanic rock oven), joining in a game of Kirikiti (Samoa’s version of cricket), or having a leisurely Kayak paddle over the fringing reefs.



No filter needed on this one, next stop is one of the worlds most amazing natural pools! The To Sua Ocean Trench consists of an ancient lava tube cave, connecting two giant holes, one of which is home to a 30-meter-deep swimming hole. Spend your time here floating in the Turquoise water, marvelling at the clifftop views or relaxing in a Fale. Don’t forget your camera!

One for the kids… slip and slide your way to a good time at the Papaseea Sliding Rocks. Formed by thousands of years of running water wearing down the rocks, children of all ages will enjoy Mother Nature’s very own water slide.


Get going


Now that you’ve settled on Samoa as your holiday destination, the great news is, it’s such a breeze to get there! Only a short five-hour flight to Samoa from Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne (that’s less time than it takes to watch two of Marvel’s Avengers movies).

Parents travelling with young children won’t have to worry about the little ones getting restless on the flight. And for couples, it means not trying to force yourself to have an uncomfortable nap in an airline seat, but instead having a cosy doze in warm the Samoan sun.


Local Lingo


In the off chance you decide this island paradise is too nice to leave (or if you just was to chat to the locals on your trip), the official languages are Samoan and English.

Show off your savvy Samoan with these key phrases:

Hello – Talofa (Tah-lo-far)

Goodbye – Tofa (Toh-far)

Thank you – Fa’afetai (Fa-ah-feh-tie)



Some other handy hints to know on your stay is that the national currency is the Samoan Tala (WST). Also everything runs on island time, so don’t stress if something doesn’t happen exactly when it should. Just relax and enjoy the moment.

By now I can only assume that you’re reading this on your way to the airport to fly to Samoa, because if not, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy beautiful Samoa today!

Contact Viva! Holidays on 13 27 87 to find out how to make your Samoa dream a reality.


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Where in Samoa is on your list?

Written by KARRYON contributor Bryce McKeon

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