Once you’ve checked off Morocco’s popular cities & sites, delve into an area less visited and yet equally as enticing – says traveller Stephanie Hower.

Whilst the cities of Marrakesh, Casablanca and Chefchaouen (also known as the ‘blue city’ for it’s instafamous architecture) typically come to mind first when you think of Morocco, the majestic Atlas Mountains and beyond offers diverse and unique landscapes that many adventure-seekers dream of.

If you’re planning a trip to Morocco but want to escape the chaos of the big cities, be sure to add these unmissable inland oases to your itinerary.


Mount Toubkal National Park


Mount Toubkal National Park is a must for adrenaline junkies.

For adrenaline junkies seeking a challenge, conquering the highest peak in North Africa is a must. The town of Imlil provides the perfect starting point as you hike your way through the winding rocky terrain and Berber villages of the High Atlas mountainsides to base camp, before commencing the steep ascent to the 4167m summit. Standing taller than the likes of Mount Cook (New Zealand-3724m), Mount Fuji (Japan-3776m) and Jungfrau (Switzerland-4158m), this is not for the faint-hearted!

If you’re not quite ready to go all the way to the top, there are also plenty of hiking trails in the lower valley which still allow for picturesque views of the High Atlas, including Mount Toubkal and its surrounding peaks.


Ait Ben Haddou


Ait Ben Haddou was made famous in movies such as Indiana Jones.

You’ll probably recognise this place from films and TV series such as Indiana Jones, Gladiator, Lawrence of Arabia, Game of Thrones – the list goes on! Try your hand at haggling within the clay corridors of the Ksar as you weave your way to the top for the best views over the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The nearby town of Ouarzazate is home to the Atlas Studios, where many of these famous movies were filmed and is still used today. It’s one of the largest studios in the world and worth a stop if you’re driving through.


Sleep in the Sahara


The Sahara is the perfect place for a digital detox.

There’s something special about the Sahara. Take a digital detox and spend a night (or a few) at a desert camp to soak up the extraordinary backdrop of mountainous golden sand dunes, contrasted against clear blue skies and  spectacular stargazing by night. Make your way to the top of the dunes to witness a sunrise or sunset you’ll never forget.


Dades Valley & Todra Gorge


Todra Gorge is a true haven for rock climbers.

Both of these places are equally as impressive from the bottom as they are from the top. Between winding through the steep cliff-side roads of Dades Valley, which are used regularly for the latest car commercials, and Todra Gorge being a true haven for rock climbers, you’ll be marvelled by the sheer depth of the canyons and mysterious caves that line these high rock faces.


Where in Morocco is at the top of your list?