Yep, so apparently ‘Brazil is very similar to Australia’ – aside from the Latin country’s strong dance culture, completely different language, intense passion for music and football & its supermodel genetics…

… sure, they’re exactly the same!


The statement may sound a little wild but to the Ambassador of Brazil to Australia it couldn’t be more true, having experienced life in both countries.

Speaking at the second Brazil Showcase in Sydney, His Excellency Manuel Innocencio said Australia and Brazil share the same democratic values AND they have mirrored beach cultures, humour and even motivation.

“[They] share the same sense of humour and tenacity, for they see obstacles not as obstacles but as challenges that they are fond to overcome, and they do overcome.”

Manuel Innocencio, The Ambassador of Brazil to Australia


It’s these similarities that the Ambassador believes can be utilised to deepen ties between ‘the two largest economies in the Southern Hemisphere’ and boost tourism, which sits at about 50,000 Brazilians travelling to Australia per year, the same number of Aussies trekking over to the South American hotspot.

Outside of tourism, Consul-General Carlos de Abreu said Brazil is also one of Australia’s largest sources of international students outside of Asia.

Brazil showcase 2

While the President of the Australian Brazil Business Council, Gleuto Serafim, sees opportunities for the two countries to join forces in innovation and technology.

“Brazilian professionals are making their way here and their knowhow will help enable Australia to highlight itself as a champion in the area of technology.”

Gleuto Serafim, Australian Brazil Business Council President

What other similarities do you see between Australia and Brazil?