If your favorite things in life are sleep, carbs and New York City you donut wanna miss staying at the Bread & Breakfast suite, located at the iconic Refinery Hotel.

From now until January 31, Hotels.com and the Refinery Hotel in Midtown South will be making dreams come true, with this unique accommodation brimming with sweet and savory snacks, bakery-inspired smells, Insta opps, and more.

The carb-inspired experience features bagels, waffles, doughnuts, and other tasty treats.

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The suite

Bread Suite New York

You could say the decor is slightly over the top, but we disagree.

Who wouldn’t love waking up in a room complete with croissant wallpaper and pretzel curtains?

Other in-room carby goodies include a pizza alarm clock, comfy loaf pillows and a neon sign that says “Fresh Baked Bread”.

When the carb-coma kicks in after your bonding time with the edible bagel & donut wall, you can lay your head next to a slice of toast headboard and tuck yourself in with the styling bread bedding.

If that wasn’t enough, each guest staying at the Bread & Breakfast will receive a $100 credit to spend on the room-service menu, a pair of baguette slippers and a custom embroidered robe with the term “Carbivore” on it.



Gimme the carbs

Bread Suite New York

An overnight stay in a Bread & Breakfast room will cost you $225 per night, with the price including a minibar stocked with an assortment of pastries.

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