It’s as the title describes, a self-inflicted pain the UK’s rear but when it comes to tourists & tourism, Brexit is a blessing in political disguise for the region.

Thanks to the UK’s new-found introvertism, Brexit has had a massive impact on the Pound, which has made travel throughout the region MUCH cheaper for travellers, including us Aussies.

Excite Holidays’ Will Gabb, an English born and bred bloke who moved halfway around the world before noticing the UK’s special qualities, says that whilst Brexit may have created uncertainty among some tourists, it’s actually had a positive effect on inbound tourism.


He explained to Travel Advisors at a Sydney event alongside Visit Britain earlier this week, that Brexit debacle “destroyed the pound” and made the UK “a lot cheaper” for travellers.

“As of today, we have accommodation starting from AU$44 in the UK.”

Will Gabb, Excite Holidays Sales Manager NSW/ACT


The Sales Manager continued, saying that Excite Holidays is helping Travel Advisors better sell to their clients by providing them with the most extensive range of UK product including over 17,500 accommodation options and 2,500 activities.

The product is amplified by Excite Holidays and Visit Britain’s extended partnership, which provides consultants with a ‘Discover Great Britain’ guide made up of 10 pages of content covering restaurants, bars, hotels, pubs, road trips, culture, landmarks and special events across England, Scotland and Wales.


As an additional incentive, consultants will also receive 500 bonus rewards points for every night booked and paid for in Great Britain during the campaign period, Monday 18 March – Sunday 31 March 2019.

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