George Clooney, Elton John & a line-up of other celebrities are shouting louder than ever with calls for travellers to boycott travel to Brunei & avoid the country’s international investments.

The call to boycott began over the weekend and grew on 3 April, when Brunei’s strict new laws against LGBTQ people came into effect.

The new law, which has been described by many as “barbaric”, will see anyone caught engaging in same-sex sexual activity flogged and stoned to death.

Locals aren’t the only ones to have to adhere to the strict new direction, as Smartraveller reports that it will be enforced on all Muslims, non-Muslims and foreigners, even when they’re on Brunei-registered aircraft and vessels.

So it doesn’t just apply on Brunei soil but on the way to if you’re flying with Royal Brunei Airlines.

Karryon has contacted Royal Brunei Airlines for comment.

Celebrities such as Elton John took to social media over the weekend to raise awareness of the law and put public pressure on the destination to revoke it. However, on 3 April it came into effect, resulting in more backlash from western countries.

In addition to calls to avoid the Asian country altogether, famous faces have urged travellers to boycott the nation’s international investments, including several big name hotels such as The Dorchester in London and The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The full list of hotels include:


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