BUCKLE UP: Your Guide to Destination Nevada for self-drive holidays

Did you know that if you link all the neon tubes in Las Vegas the line will stretch 120,000km? Or that 170,000 people work in casinos and the average visitor’s daily betting budget is almost $800?

Did you know that if you link all the neon tubes in Las Vegas the line will stretch 120,000km? Or that 170,000 people work in casinos and the average visitor’s daily betting budget is almost $800?

While the numbers paint a picture of life in Las Vegas, they don’t share secrets about Nevada which is a quiet achiever evolving into one of America’s most fascinating states.

There’s something to satisfy every travel whim – outdoor activities, charming towns, magnificent landscapes, ghost hunting, cowboy culture, pioneering history – in the destination that boasts 300 days of sunshine every year.

The best way to explore Nevada is on a self-drive adventure, with Excite Holidays producing a helpful handbook that has the good oil on five scenic routes with everything from essential experiences to hotel recommendations.

Each page focuses on three locations, from the far north to central Nevada and deep south, to explain why discovering the state should be on every curious traveller’s wish list.

Here are 10 hidden gems worth seeing on a road trip that puts the bright lights of Las Vegas in the rear-view mirror.


1. Carson City

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Image: Chris Talbot/ TravelNevada

The Nevada state capital is a modern metropolis that’s maintained its old-world charm with the downtown boasting great restaurants, shops and museums.


2. Virginia City

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Image: TravelNevada

This settlement popped up almost overnight when gold was discovered in 1859 and while it was one of America’s wealthiest locations it now provides insights into the old west.


3. Lake Tahoe

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Image: Rick Gunn/ TravelNevada

A famous place for outdoor activities with skiing powder snow the favourite winter activity and swimming, fishing, mountain biking and hiking popular during the warm months.


4. Ely

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Image: Sydney Martinez/ TravelNevada

A hamlet that started as a stage-coach stop boomed when copper was uncovered and today boasts an inventory of historic buildings and the Nevada Northern Railway Museum.


5. Elko

5 (1) Ruby Mountains-karryon

Image: Sydney Martinez/ TravelNevada

Cowboy culture rules in this “true western town” and visitors can enjoy the great outdoors hiking the trails around the neighbouring Ruby Mountains.


6. Beatty

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Image: Sydney Martinez/ TravelNevada

This spot is known as the “Gateway to Death Valley” where travellers stock up before venturing into the national park or stay local to explore ghost towns on Beatty’s outskirts.


7. Boulder City

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Image: Sydney Martinez/ TravelNevada

A community established during the Great Depression to house workers building the Hoover Dam where anti-gaming laws established in the 1930s continue today.


8. Laughlin


Image: Sydney Martinez/ TravelNevada

Occupying a plot in the Colorado River Valley – where Nevada, Arizona and California meet – makes Laughlin tops with those looking to survey a waterway flanked by desert.


9. Austin

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Image: TravelNevada

Located in the heart of Nevada, and a stop on US Highway 50 which is called “The Loneliest Road in America”, this hamlet lets visitors step back in time to the silver-mining boom.


10. Tonopah


Image: TravelNevada

Geology buffs come to see the turquoise mine and Monte Christo’s Castle rock formations, astronomers gaze at the Milky Way, and the Tonopah Historic Mining Park draws historians.


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What’s YOUR best way to explore Nevada?

Written by Sarah Nicholson, KARRYON contributor

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