From the words of Elvis Presley “LORD ALMIGHTY”. Memphis, the birthplace of rock’n roll has seen business grow by 50 percent from Australia. Now that’s something to sing about.

Fall in love with Memphis, the home of blues, soul and rock’n roll was the theme of the night. For those that haven’t been, Memphis is like no other place on Earth. Rhythm and blues oozes from every street corner, bar and club and the historical landmarks, infamous hotels like the Peabody and Heartbreak Hotel, and of course the food, make this destination a “MUST SEE” when visiting the USA.

Agents were entertained by local Memphis band, Southern Avenue at the Marble Bar, Hilton Sydney.

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“You will find everything in Memphis. We like to inspire you with our food, culture and music. We don’t do normal buzz nights so enjoy it all this evening”.

Chris Ingrid, Director AU & NZ, Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau

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“Agents helped make Australians the third largest international market to Memphis. Business grew 50 percent from Australia. The goal tonight is for you to have fun and to understand the unique experiences”.

Regina Bearden, Chief Marketing Officer, Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau

Brand USA over the next 12 months will be using music as the main campaign theme. This is due to an increase in travellers that are including music in their itineraries. The USA has so many great music cities and people are spoiled for choice however the greatest music city of them all is Memphis.

A visit to Sun Studio’s is a must for any client visiting Memphis. Here you can get behind the microphone of where Elvis Presley recorded his songs.

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United Airlines offer great connecting flights to Memphis following the new Sydney to Houston flight that commenced 20JAN18.

To find out more about Memphis and what you can do there, click here to read more about Memphis and get inspired.


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What’s your favourite place in Memphis?