At least 79 lives have been lost in the California wildfires with more sad news expected to come as over 1000 people remain unaccounted for.

The Camp blaze is still only 55% contained after 10 days of burning, taking 10,000 homes with it, making it the deadliest American wildfire in a century.

US President Donald Trump visited California over the weekend to show his support to those affected by the large-scale natural disaster.


Source: AFP

“We’ve never seen anything like this in California, we’ve never seen anything like this yet. It’s total devastation.”

US President Donald Trump

Trump continues to deny climate change had any role to play in the fires. The climate change skeptic is sticking to his original statement that poor forest management was a major factor. Many disagree with Trump’s ideas.

California’s National Weather Service also warning that smoke and ash from the fires has caused a sharp drop in air quality in fire-affected parts of the state.


Source: AP

The weather service also warned of strengthening winds up to 80kmp/h and low humidity, and the additional threat of rain in parts of California, as autumn temperatures cooled.

While it’s natural to think heavy rainfall would be ideal for containing the blazes it’s not something to be welcomed. After a fire on this scale, it will both increase the risk of mudslides and complicate the search for remains in burnt-out areas.


Source: AFP

The grueling search continues for those still missing.

Our thoughts go out to those affected in California right now.