A big 150th b’day celebration, new routes from Australia and an intelligent, multi-talented leader helped keep Canada at the forefront of travellers’ minds in 2017 & in turn, made it the Destination of the Year.

The country recognised by KarryOn as being ‘so hot right now’, Canada, is the first western country to receive the top honour in three years, after Portugal (2016) and Cuba (2015).

According to a group of editors over a Travel + Leisure Magazine, the North American country managed to stay trending among travel enthusiasts throughout the 12-month period thanks to a number of initiatives.


In addition to creating buzz through grand 150th anniversary celebrations, the country distinguished itself through sustained cultural relevance, its blend of world-class cities, epic natural wonders and eclectic cuisine.

It also helps that the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is one of the most recognisable and talked about leaders in the world right now thanks to the way he embraced refugees, spoke out in favour of equality and his many other charming qualities (we’re referring to the way he holds a baby with one hand guys).

Travel + Leisure’s editors said “in 2017 all signs pointed north” with Canada capturing the “attention of travellers” worldwide.

“Canada celebrated its 150th birthday this year, of course, but the country has also distinguished itself during a particularly divisive time as a welcome unifier of communities and cultures.”

Travel + Leisure

“That it also delivers on some of the key attributes most appreciated by global travelers today—unspoiled natural environments, dynamic cities, creative food and art scenes—only makes the country more compelling at this moment.”


Congratulations Canada!

KarryOn along with 180 Travel Agents recently had the chance to experience Canada’s many great features in person during the 2017 MegaFam. Click here to read about the trip.

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