Blown away by the beauty of The Grand Canyon National Park during a visit last month, 103-year-old Rose Trophy decided she wanted to get involved in protecting the national treasure for the generations to come.

The mother of three, grandmother of nine, great-grandmother of 18 and great-great-grandmother of 10 spotted the opportunity to become a steward for the famous landmark inside a Grand Canyon National Park store.

In an interview with Good Morning America, she explained that she started talking to the staff in the store about the junior ranger program that teaches kids to protect the Canyon.

She was so taken with the concept that the staff offered to let her join up herself and she was officially sworn in as the oldest junior ranger on record.

Her daughter, Cheri Stoneburner, who was with her on the visit said her mum has been wearing her junior ranger pin on her coat since they got back from the trip. AWW.


“She’s a spokesperson for the park now. Everywhere we go, people ask her about her junior ranger pin and she says ‘you’re never too old to see the Grand Canyon.”

Cheri Stoneburner on Good Morning America

Rose Trophy said she had only visited the Grand Canyon some 34 years ago in 1985. Back then she able to walk around but on her most recent visit, the centenarian took to the sites in her wheelchair.


Hopefully, the official junior ranger will be back again soon to visit the park.

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