The thought of a winter holiday, especially in Switzerland, would usually conjure up images of epic ski runs, heart-stopping snowboard jumps and adrenaline-inducing freerides…

Indeed, it’s the dream of every no-fear YOLO (and FOMO) adventure seeker! But thankfully for the rest of us who are less competent on the snow-sport front (that’s me to a tea), there’s a more subdued side to a Swiss winter experience. (Insert Santa bikies here…lol)

Here’s a handy guide to some winter pleasures that await in Switzerland.




Fondue on the go!

Cheese is everywhere in Switzerland. Best of all, you can feast all your senses on board the country’s many dedicated cheese boats, trams and trains!

In Zurich, the Fondue Tram will take you through some of the most instaworthy city sights while you enjoy a Grisons starter platter and cheese fondue washed down with some warm Glühwein. For something more intimate for a group of four, you may like to hop on the world’s very first Fondue eTukTuk, a fun and quirky Zurich city tour that combines the city’s best attractions with a classic Swiss cheese fondue.



Further south in Montreux, the Cheese Train might pull on your heartstrings with its decadent and delicious 5h30min return Montreux to Château d’Oex tour, where you’ll not only indulge in specialty cheeses and wines of the region but do it while meandering through the magical snow-capped landscape.

If cheesy rides aren’t for you, then perhaps pop-up fondue chalets are! They can be found in most major cities including Zurich, Basel, Zug and many others.

So, how cheesy would you like to get?




Santa on the Harley Niggi-Näggi

From late November, St. Niklaus will make his rounds in Switzerland. And each city sees a different side of his personality.

In Basel, a procession of 50 Santa Clauses on roaring motorbikes will ride through a cheering crowd giving away thousands of giveaways. This is called the Harley Niggi-Näggi and the event raises funds through the sale of mulled wine and sweet treats for various charities. Clearly, it’s not just reindeer sleighs that Santa rides!

Then over in Zurich, Santa also ditches his furry red-nosed buddies in favour of the city’s Maerli tramway, where he is joined by two angels. During his visit, he will meet up to 24 children aged between 4-10 years to determine who’s been naughty and nice!




Tobogganing in Grindelwald

Now we aren’t all skiers or snowboarders or adrenaline junkies, but we do enjoy a fun run from time to time. And when it comes to winter, hitting the slopes for a bit of toboggan action is all part of the Swiss tradition!

If you’re a seasoned rider, head to Europe’s longest toboggan run stretching 15km in Grindelwald. For something shorter but equally exhilarating, Mt Titlis is where you need to be (and they even have night runs!).



Velogemel in Grindelwald

For a quick 10min dash through the snow with the magnificent and not to mention instaworthy Matterhorn as your backdrop, then the slopes of Gornergrat in Zermatt is the place to be.

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Which cheese is your favourite?

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