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COME SAY G'DAY: The 'Original Hemsworth' stars in Tourism Australia's new Dundee ad

"Anyone seen Chris?" Meh ?, who needs Chris Hemsworth when you can get the 'Original Hemsworth' to show you the magic and movie-worthy sets around Australia.

“Anyone seen Chris?” Meh ?, who needs Chris Hemsworth when you can get the ‘Original Hemsworth’ to show you the magic and movie-worthy sets around Australia.

That’s the thinking behind the second phase of Tourism Australia’s AU$36 million Dundee campaign (we imagine) staring the firstborn Hemsworth brother, Luke Hemsworth.

The new ad called ‘Visit the Set of Dundee: Son of a Legend’ follows on from ‘Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home’, which in case you’ve forgotten, was that epic ‘fully fake’ Dundee Movie trailer unveiled at the Super Bowl earlier this year.


Can’t recall? The clip saw Crocodile Dundee’s American son return Down Under and take a tour of his father’s old stomping grounds with help from Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, Ruby Rose, Isla Fisher, and more Australian celebrities. Click here to watch it.

Anyway, the fake trailer was a hit, it went viral, and it achieved what it set out to do – encourage Americans to book a trip Down Under.


Now, Tourism Australia and Luke Hemsworth are taking the campaign to the next stage with the video called ‘Visit the Set of Dundee: Son of a Legend’, which invites Americans to not only book a trip Down Under but visit the ‘set’ of the fake movie.

The Aussie actor tells viewers they can get behind the scenes of the ‘Dundee Movie’ during a ‘backlot tour of Australia’.

Watch it below:

Luke said he’s delighted to be part of the campaign, especially after seeing how Americans responded to the initial video.

“I can’t think of a more beautiful film set than Australia and it’s pretty special to be selected as Tourism Australia’s own tour guide to show Americans why they need to make the trip down under and make it right now.”

Luke Hemsworth

The second phase of the Dundee campaign features destinations from each of Australia’s states and territories; and is supported by Qantas, Expedia, state and territory marketing organisations, and nine key distribution partners in the US market.

Activity will run from October to December to coincide with the peak travel booking season for the US market and is earmarked for roll out in additional international markets including the UK.


Should they hurry up and make the fake Dundee Movie into a real movie?