The 4th annual Contiki Legends party went off last night at the Metro Theatre in Sydney with an up for it crowd of over 400 lucky agents, media and influencers buzzing after another unforgettable party.

With a free bar and delicious food rolled out all night long, Contiki’s highly revered annual bash served as both a launch for the youth brand’s new European products for 2018 as well as a special thank you to the agents who sell them.

And as the hottest ticket in town, a quiet night it most certainly wasn’t.



Triple J’s KLP got the raucous crowd bouncing on their feet before local boys Furnace and the Fundamentals absolutely rocked it with two high-energy sets that had the crowd dancing their derriéres off and leaving them begging for more.

There was a suave magician who roamed around all night pulling off card tricks that left everyone clueless as to how he did them, a photo booth that seemed to be flashing all night it was so full and a vibrant crowd that had come to party and truly play out the ‘Legends’ namesakes they’d been lauded with.

Furnace and the Fundamentals

Furnace and the Fundamentals

Katrina Barry (MD Contiki) Revs up the crowd

Katrina Barry (MD Contiki) Revs up the crowd

The ever-luminescent Katrina Barry (MD Contiki) took care of the business side of the evening, launching Contiki’s new initiatives on stage with her trademark blend of sass and sharp humour that had the festival-esque crowd yelling and screaming in delight.

What did they think of the announcements? When was the last time you heard people whooping wildly about a new brochure? This was that moment with one-section of agents in the packed crowd actually singing “Con-ti-ki” in unison, of the likes you might hear at a footy game.




The Independent Insider Network

‘Independent Insider’ is Contiki’s latest new travel style adding freedom and flexibility for people who want to mix it up and do their own thing and offers a unique local experience in each destination such as a progressive food tour through Berlin or a street art tour of Barcelona.

Recent Gen Y and Z research and Contiki’s customer insights show that flexibility is a key demand amongst travellers. 70% of youth travellers want all of the essentials to be taken care of, but would love more free time and freedom to explore a city their own way.

Florence, italy

Rosé time in Florence, Italy

Each ‘Independent Insider’ trip offers 3 nights in each city and multiple free time add on’s designed around millennial’s cultural passions such as a Vespa tour in Rome, a Patisserie Tour in Paris or a Cocktail Mixology in Amsterdam.

In addition, all Independent Insider trips include a local and immersive food experience with partner VizEat ensuring their travellers get a taste for traditional cuisine at a local’s home in the destinations they visit.


John Veitch (CEO TTC), Katrina Barry (MD Contiki), Dave Hosking (Director, TTC Australia)

Katrina Barry (Managing Director, Contiki Australia) said;

“Independent Insider a first of its kind in the youth market, and with the ever-changing travel industry, Contiki recognises the need to disrupt and be disrupted in order to be ahead of the trend of millennial travel. Independent Insider speaks directly to the traveller seeking to see a city through their own lens, and we’re happy to continue to innovate with our trips to speak to our ever-changing market and traveller needs.”

Ms. Barry continued; “Europe was the birthplace of Contiki, and remains a leading destination for young adventurers. By developing 26 new and improved itineraries into our 2018/19 program we are demonstrating not only our commitment to the destination, but also to our consumers. No matter what type of traveller you might be, if you’re 18-35, Contiki has a trip for you in Europe.”

All trips went sale on the night and are available on with some cool itinerary planners to help you plan your journey.



U by Uniworld

U by Uniworld

Contiki’s new travel style also offers the option to add two Independent Insider trips together as well as the innovative U by Uniworld river cruising products onto selected itineraries, giving travellers even more choice and freedom.

Heard about U by Uniworld and cruising for millennial’s? No? Where have you been!

Read on and skill up now for one of the most exciting new travel products yet.



The new Contiki Europe brochure 2018

The new Contiki Europe brochure 2018

In addition to the unveiling of a new travel style, the Europe Summer of 2018/19 will also see the continuation of Contiki’s Limited Edition Series, Boutique Local and Munch trips in exciting new destinations.


Munch time

With continued unrivalled value and improved experiences, plus an irresistible 10% off early payments and a further 5% off new mix & match deals, Contiki aim to prove their place as leaders in the millennial travel market.




Can you believe that ‘Contiki Rock Around the world’ is 21 years old next year? The good news is that 2018 could be the annual incentive’s ‘Willy Wonka golden ticket-esque’ biggest one yet.

Where previously there’s been 20 top selling agents that have snaffled a seat on the trip, in 2018 year there’ll be an EXTRA 10 SPOTS up for grabs on what promises to be the biggest Contiki Rock yet.

So will you be going in 2018? Duh! You know you want to. Better start selling Contiki now.





The night kicked on until 3am for those late night legends truly living the #YOLO #NOREGRETS philosophy.

There may some sore heads in the office today.

Were you at Contiki Legends? What do you think of Contiki’s latest innovations? Share your thoughts below.