It’s without a doubt one of the best parts of Bangkok, particularly for courageous culinary travellers, but that’s not enough to stop the city’s government from moving forward with a ban on street food.

As part of a new law, street food vendors will be prohibited from setting up shop in any of the 50 districts across Thailand’s capital in a bid to “return to the pavement to the pedestrians”.

The ban is expected to be in place citywide by the end of 2017, meaning backpackers and foodies will have a difficult time satisfying their taste-buds as they explore.


Bangkok Governor’s Chief Adviser Wanlop Suwandee told media the ban will be enforced in Yaowarat and Khao San Road over the coming months before rolling out to other areas.

“The BMA is now working to get rid of the street vendors from all 50 districts of Bangkok and return the pavements to the pedestrians. Yaowarat and Khao San Road will be our next goal in clearing out illegal vendors.”

Wanlop Suwandee, Bangkok Governor Chief Adviser

The Chief Adviser continued, saying that he hopes the ban will also help restore “order and hygiene” in the city.

What are your thoughts on the street food ban?