Southern India is coming to Sydney this November thanks to Contiki, with an innovative escape room experience of the likes the industry has never seen before.

For one week only, Contiki are inviting you to take a mini sojourn to where the spices grow and the palm trees sway under the blissed out rays of India’s southern sun.

All without leaving the urban sprawl that is Chippendale in Sydney.


So what’s this Escape Room business all about anyway?

Err.. That's definitely not Chippendale...

Err.. That’s definitely not Chippendale.

Simply put, an Escape room is one in which to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Going into one is kind of like going on a micro holiday, except without actually going anywhere (or spending money).

In this Escape Room, Contiki promises to take you on an ultimate Southern India escape with your eyes, ears and tastebuds in just 45 minutes.

It’s a bit like this clever ‘Virtually Unlimited’ idea that Contiki pulled as an April fool last year.

HANG ON! Its exactly the same as that idea – only now it’s real. And we love the innovation.


Simply pop on your VR Headphones, take a deep breath and be led on a virtual boat trip floating down Kerala’s lush backwaters…

Kerala, Southern India

Kerala, Southern India

And then enjoy a relaxing, traditional Ayurvedic massage…


Nope, still not thinking about work

At this point we reckon you’ll already be feeling pretty blissed out.

From there, you’ll get to actually make and then dine on super Southern Indian cuisine the way the locals do and finally finish your journey immersed in a lush Southern Indian coffee jungle.



Did someone say, “Go back to work?”. Nah didn’t think so.

Contiki say it will be “the most relaxing 45 minutes of your life.”

Intrigued like us? You’ll find Kensington Street tucked away on the city side of Central Park, just off Broadway and on the Eastern fringe of Chippendale.

Tickets are $10 per person, with all proceeds donated to local Southern Indian charities.


The deets


WHERE: 48 Kensington St, Chippendale.
WHEN: 15th – 19th November only, ticket capacity limited.
COST: $10 per person
BOOK NOW: Click here


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Will you be checking it out for yourself? Share your thoughts below.