Mystical domes & canyons: Discover the unexpected on 4 Inspiring Journeys in Australia

Australia’s tourism bodies with the help of Chris Hemsworth, Paul Hogan and Lara Bingle, have done such a great job at promoting the country that almost all travellers near and far know what to expect when visiting this great land down under.

Australia’s tourism bodies with the help of Chris Hemsworth, Paul Hogan and Lara Bingle, have done such a great job at promoting the country that almost all travellers near and far know what to expect when visiting this great land down under.

Well, at least they think they know what to expect in Australia.

Tourists have it on the bucket list to explore the country’s great outback, take pictures alongside iconic architecture and dive into a mesmerising reef, but they’re yet to learn about natural wonders spread out across the island.

From mystical domes and enchanted canyons to secluded waterfalls and much more, Australia is home to many extraordinary sites that capture the imagination.

We skimmed through an inspiring brochure of Australian journeys to see what other treasures we didn’t know existed, here’s what we found:


Relax in bath houses & bazaars in Victoria

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Antique bazaars and bath houses in Victoria?

Yes, Victoria.

The unique shopping and relaxation experiences were added to Inspiring Journey’s 2018/19 Australia program as part of the new ‘Victoria’s Hidden Gems’ itinerary.

During the seven-day trip, guests will be given the chance to discover beautiful antiques and unique vintage treasures at the Daylesford, which also happens to be known as Australia’s ‘eclectic spa town’ thanks to the historic Hepburn Bathhouse & Spa.

We repeat, that yes, this is all in Victoria.

12 Apostles AAT Kings

Beyond the bathhouse and bazaars, the itinerary features a trip to the magical 12 Apostles and a walk where very few have ventured before, the hallowed grounds of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

There’s also a kitchen garden tour of fresh produce at the Wickens Restaurant at the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld where travellers receive a meal made of fresh local ingredients, as well as the chance to have lunch and some wine with locals at the award-winning Jack Rabbit Vineyard near the Bellarine Peninsula.


Immerse yourself with waterfalls & ancient secrets in Kakadu

waterfall AAT Kings

Tourists, even those here in Australia, may have heard of Kakadu and its incredible history, but they don’t completely understand why its the mystical centre of the country.

Allow us to explain.

First, it’s home to Kakadu National Park, which is 200km north to south and 100km east to west, making it the same size as Slovenia and half the size of Switzerland.

Impressive right? The National Park is World Heritage Listed, making it one of the world’s most scenic sites AND is surrounded by five rivers, six major land forms and is the natural habitat for 280 bird species, 60 mammals, 10,000 types of insects and more.

Kakadu National Park is also the place to go for wow-ing waterfalls, including the plunging 259m high Jim Jim Falls.

Aboriginal Art AAT Kings

Of course, the national park isn’t the only place to find powerful, spellbinding bodies of water in the Top End, there’s dozens more wonderful waterfalls in Litchfield National Park, billabongs in Corroboree and a crystal-clear plunge pool in Gunlom Falls.

Beyond the waterfalls and billabongs, Kakadu is also Australia’s mystical centre because of its Aboriginal history.

According to Inspiring Journeys’ five-day Kakadu Ancient Secrets, the region’s Ubirr and Nourlangie have ancient Dreamtime art dating back 20,000 years to the Bininj and Mungguy people, while in Katherine there are opportunities to hear the hypnotic rhythms of the didgeridoo and learn first-hand how to make rarrk painting.

Alongside completely unique natural and cultural experiences, Kakadu also offers travellers one-of-a-kind lodging such as permanent safari tents near the Mary River.


Discover mystical domes & royal canyons in the Outback

Image: Tourism Australia

Image: Tourism Australia

The outback, the Red Centre – sadly, these names don’t conjure up images of mystical domes and enchanting canyons but it’s exactly where you’ll find them in Australia.

Be spellbound by the stunning natural wonder of Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), which is comprised of 36 mystical domes that rise up from the rust-red earth. They’re located in the sacred Uluru-Kata Tjuṯa National Park with Uluru (also a wonderful natural creation) and cover an area of 21.68km.

The domes are all different in size and shape, with the tallest being Mount Olga, which sits around 1,066m above sea level.

Uluru Inspiring Journeys AAT Kings

From mystical domes to canyons, Australia’s outback is also the place to go for incredible gorges such as Kings Canyon. The royal land form is part of Watarrka National Park and features 100m high walls surrounding Kings Creek.

The domes and canyon can be discovered during Inspiring Journeys’ five-day ‘Outback Australia: The Colour of Red’ itinerary, which also includes stunning Red Centre sunrises, a walk past the Northern Territory’s ‘Lost City’ and ‘Garden of Eden’ as well as an indigenous cultural experience through a traditional bush tucket dinner under the desert stars.


Explore world heritage listed sites & traditional medicines in NSW & Queensland

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Australia’s home to one of the world’s most ancient cultures, which means it’s also home to the world’s oldest medicines.

Travellers can explore ancient healing techniques and bush medicine from the indigenous people whose ancestors developed them, in North Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest.

The tropical site is also unique, in that visitors can see major stages of earth’s history preserved within the rainforest as well as 19 primitive flowering plant families.

Fly down south a little to explore the Blue Mountains, a lavish land of eucalyptus forests, waterfalls, cliffs, Three Sisters and more.

The Blue Mountains is one of Australia’s World Heritage Listed sites, and according to Inspiring Journeys’ 13-day Inspiring Australia itinerary, is best paired with a trip to Australia’s original wine country, the Hunter Valley and a fine dining experience at the Sydney Opera House’s Bennelong.


All of these magical Australian sites can be experienced through Inspiring Journeys and for a saving of 10 percent for new bookings made before 31 January 2018.

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What’s the most magical experience you’ve had in Australia?

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