Travellers don’t want to observe, they don’t want stand on the sideline with their cameras and snap the action. No, they want to be in, they want to be part of it, they want to be local.

It’s the ‘it’ way to travel right and Hong Kong’s tourism leaders are making it easier for visitors to discover the city like a local through a series of new videos.

Released today – on the same day Virgin Australia confirmed direct flights to the Pearl of the Orient, coincidence? – the new campaign titled ‘Best of All, It’s in Hong Kong’ highlights the diverse and quality of local experiences across the city with the help of actual locals.

Three-star Michelin Chef Umberto Bombana who has lived in the city for around 20 years talks about the various culinary options while designer Anais Mak showcases the fashion and hipster hangouts. There’s actor and pilot Michael Wong flies his helicopter over Hong Kong to exhibit family adventure and movie star Sean Lau delivers the sights and sounds of the city’s natural scenery.

You’ll be able to see the clips across a variety of digital channels and if you’re a 45+ repeat traveller to Hong Kong or first-time millennial, then you may find yourself tempted by the four videos because they’re targeted at you.

Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Regional Director, said the videos aim to provide potential visitors with a local’s perspective of Hong Kong’s sights, feels and tastes.

“By watching these videos and engaging with our content, travellers can discover the breath-taking intensity, the surprising contrasts, the rewarding variety and the captivating style this wonderful city can offer.”

Andrew Clark, Hong Kong Tourism Board’s Regional Director

“Australian travellers, of all ages, are savvier than ever, desperate to find that authentic, off-the-beaten-track, local experience while on holiday.

“This campaign aims to provide snapshots of these encounters and offers a different take on Hong Kong for those first-time and repeat visitors considering their next trip.”

Check out the videos above, or click here for the dedicated campaign website.

What’s your ‘local’ tip for travelling in Hong Kong?